RagingWire Virtual Tour

LionLink Networks has a presence at multiple facilities in the Ashburn, Virginia market.  Our newest pod is located at the RagingWire Ashburn facility.  In the video below, take a quick tour of RagingWire’s Ashburn campus and see why LionLink selected it as one of our partner facilities!

  • 14.4 MW of Critical IT load at a 2N+2 level of redundancy with a highly intelligent, self-healing infrastructure management system
  • Carrier neutral with multiple, diverse connectivity options
  • 150,000 sq. ft. facility with highly flexible solutions available

RagingWire’s facilitiy provides 100% Availability with 2N+2 Redundancy.
RagingWire’s 100% uptime SLA is unique in the data center industry. RagingWire’s patented infrastructure systems go beyond industry-standard N+1 redundancy to an impenetrable 2N+2 redundancy, with the ability to support ultra high power densities at over 260 Watts per square foot.

RagingWire is a Carrier Neutral Facility.
LionLink Networks offers a rich BGP blended bandwidth product to its customers. However, some customers wish to have added redundancy in addition to the connectivity provided by LionLink. In cases such as these, it is helpful to be located at a carrier neutral facility with multiple providers on site (such as Cogent, NTT, Internap, and YellowFiber). For carriers that do not yet have a presence at RagingWire, LionLink Networks offers connectivity back to other major data centers and carrier hotels in the Ashburn market. Connecting to your choice of provider is only a cross connect away!

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