It’s unfortunately surprising…


It never ceases to amaze me how many providers there are that are not dual-homed to multiple network providers.  When you provide an Enterprise Level Service, and ask customers to pay for that service, it is expected that you will provide high availability for their services– to single-home to one provider makes your servers vulnerable on multiple levels.

At LionLink Networks, we have JNCIS Engineers on staff who maintain our own premium blended bandwidth product (AS54098).  We always maintain direct connectivity to a minimum of two diverse and reliable network providers at any given time.  As demonstrated by our network diagram, we maintain two separate edge routers, connected to multiple providers, providing you with high availability and redundancy.

When choosing a colocation, VPS, or Dedicated Server Provider make sure to ask, and then verify, the following questions:

  • Who are your upstream carriers?
  • How many direct connections to you maintain to your network providers?
  • Do you maintain your own infrastructure?
  • Are you single homed to a single provider?
  • Do you maintain connectivity to multiple diverse network providers?

If the provider fails to provide you with clear and concise answers, ask yourself why?  Ask yourself why a provider is unable to answer your questions.  Remember, don’t take their word either, verify the answers that they provide, and do your own research.

LionLink is happy to work with you to provide clear and concise comparisons between ourselves and our competitors.  We will show you our strong points, our week points, and help you decide which provider is right for you.

Engaging us in the sales process is commitment free.  We offer Free VPS to potential customers in order for them to test our reliability and service.  It’s just our way of proving to you that LionLink is the provider of choice.

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