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LionLink announces new carriers and additional blended bandwidth product

LionLink is proud to announce that it has implemented its Silver Blended Bandwidth product which incorporates both the Cogent (AS174) and YellowFiber (AS40015) Networks.  This combination provides for a premium value-focussed blend for those customers that are more cost conscious. LionLink now has two separate networks depending on the individual customer’s need: LionLink’s Premium Blend […]


LionLink Networks announces new Ashburn data center!

LionLink Networks, an Ashburn, Virginia Managed Services and Data Center Colocation Provider, is proud to announce its newest point-of-presence at the now infamous RagingWire Data Center in Ashburn, in addition to our space at Tier III Latisys-Ashburn!  RagingWire’s 150,000 sq. ft. Data Center features a 100% uptime SLA for all critical facility infrastructure, with 2N+2 […]