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It’s unfortunately surprising…

It never ceases to amaze me how many providers there are that are not dual-homed to multiple network providers.  When you provide an Enterprise Level Service, and ask customers to pay for that service, it is expected that you will provide high availability for their services– to single-home to one provider makes your servers vulnerable […]


Virtual platform coming soon

The LionLink Networks’ Virtual Platform is coming soon!  Our platform has been in beta for about one month now, and we will be going live this week!  Our current platform uses OpenVZ Virtualization Technology coupled with the SolusVM Control Panel.  Customers will be able to manage their entire instance via the LionLink Portal! LionLink’s Virtual […]

Spring time WebHostingTalk Specials announced!

Our Spring Time Specials can be found posted in the Colocation Offers Section of WebHostingTalk! 1U COLO FOR JUST $77/MONTH Special Features: 1Amp on 208V Power Redundant Power included at no additional charge 5Mbps Bandwidth Burstable Use Coupon Code: 1UWHT0315 for special pricing! Order Here and Use Coupon Code 1UWHT0315 2U COLO FOR JUST […]

IPv6 Launch

LionLink Networks is proud to announce its implementation of IPv6!  We have been allocated a /48 IPv6 Subnet; that is a total of 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 IP addresses and 65,536 /64 subnets! LionLink is proud that it will now be able to offer to IPv6 and expect our implementation to launch at the beginning of May! IPv6 […]